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Eileen McNulty

An Irish textile designer. Forever inspired by her homeland of  Ireland. Using traditional textile methods to create contemporary and truly unique Irish landscapes.


Inspired by the Irish countryside

Eileen creates one-off contemporary pieces of artwork that portray the beauty of the Irish Landscape. “Trees are the focus of my work whether they are Fairy Trees or just fleeting glances of the beautiful Irish countryside." Eileen incorporates different fabrics into her artwork including Cotton, Linen, and Irish tweeds to name but a few.

Her thread is her brush which she uses to create her pieces with her sewing machine.


Eileen says..."When I start a piece of work I have an idea in my head of what it will look like. Once I start sewing, the fabric and thread take on a life of their own. It evolves and directs me to where it wants to go. I am under the command of the piece from then on."

Made with real Irish Tweed


Commissions available upon request

Want a custom piece to suit a certain space or have a specific colour pallet in mind? Maybe you just want to create a unique piece of art for a special someone.


Commissions are available upon request. Get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

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Purchase in store

Currently, my work can be found in stores across Ireland and The United State of America.

See Map for your closest stockist.

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