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About Me

I have been immersed in textiles from a very young age. Going back three generations, my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother were cotton weavers and my Mother was a keen Machinist and Crafts Person, so it is no surprise that I've taken a career path in textiles.

I have sewn all my life. One of the greatest gifts my mother gave me was the fond memories I have as a child, waiting my turn on my mothers Singer Pedal Machine while she made our summer dressers or some amazing quilts. So as you can imagine, this introduction to textiles and the tradition of craft and sewing, given to me by my best teacher, my mother, has influenced me greatly to get me to this point of my career today. 

I prefer to use natural fabric in my work where possible. Cotton, Irish Linen and Tweed are popular features in my most recent work. Using techniques that I have learned over time, my thread is used as a drawing tool and my fabric as my artist palette. 

My work has been selected for various exhibitions, for example, The RDS National Crafts Exhibition and also The Knitting and Stitching show over the years.

Meet the rest of the team


Mr Darcy

Studio manager | Tail chaser


Bilbo Baggins

Secretary | Lap warmer

The Studio

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